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HOA Trenchless Pipeline Inspection & Repair Lakeland

Efficient & Cost Effective Pipeline Services for HOAs & Community Associations

Shenandoah has been the industry leader in HOA trenchless pipeline inspection, repair & maintenance services in Lakeland and vicinity since 1976. We have worked with thousands of satisfied HOA managers and board members on their pipeline infrastructures. In addition, we specialize in HOA stormwater, storm drain & sewer systems. Our services include inspection, cleaning, restoration, & maintenance programs.

The responsibilities of homeowners’ associations involve the upkeep of their sewer and water management systems. Not to mention staying under budget for those services. For this reason, it is important to partner with a proven and dependable company. To summarize, safeguarding your community’s infrastructure while causing the least disturbance is our top priority.

Moreover, for this to happen it’s necessary to partner with a proven and reliable company that can offer a wide range of stormwater systems and sewer pipeline services. With five locations to serve the state of Florida, we have the latest equipment and trained technicians to tackle any project.

Stormwater can also be a major contributor to polluting rivers and lakes and negatively affect the environment. Regularly scheduled cleaning and inspection by our trained technicians can prevent this.

HOA Trenchless Pipeline Inspection & Repair Lakeland

Specializing in HOA Trenchless Stormwater, Storm Drain,

and Sewer Inspection & Restoration

HOA Trenchless Pipeline Inspection, Repair & Maintenance Services in Lakeland include:


Trenchless Pipeline Repair


Stormwater & Sewer Systems Cleaning & Inspection


Catch Basin, Manhole, & Lift Stations Cleaning & Inspection


Video Camera Pipe Inspection & Restoration


Lateral Pipe Lining


Culvert Repair


CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe)


Stormwater & Sewer Systems Repair & Rehabilitation


GIS Stormwater & Sewer Pipeline Mapping


Jet Vac Pipe Cleaning Services


Lift Station, Manhole & Catch Basin Inspection & Cleaning


Hydro Excavation Using Soft Dig Technology

HOA Trenchless Pipeline Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Why Choose Shenandoah for HOA Pipeline Services?

Since 1976, Shenandoah has led the industry in HOA trenchless pipeline inspection, repair & maintenance.  We have been cleaning, inspecting & repairing stormwater, storm draines, & sewer systems for decades.  We have helped our HOA clients save tens of thousands of dollars in costly stormwater and sewer repairs.  While utilizing our state-or-the-art trenchless technologies. Call or contact us today and let us show you why Shenandoah are the experts in HOA trenchless pipeline inspection, repair and maintenance.

Winston Trails has used Shenandoah for many years for a variety of jobs. We are always satisfied with the service and they give quality advice to help us out. Very happy with their service and all the people at Shenandoah.

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Stormwater and Sewer Cleaning and Inspection


Our Inspection, Restoration, and Maintenance, (IRM) Program has helped maximize the performance of our customers sanitary and stormwater systems for over 45 years.