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Lateral Lining Pipe Repair 

Shenandoah excels in lateral lining pipe repair throughout Florida and SE Georgia. Utilizing state-of-the-art Trenchless Technology, the technicians at Shenandoah incorporate a variety of proven methods depending on the situation, and the condition of the lateral pipe.  Our trenchless technology methods virtually eliminate the need for major excavation or pipe exhumation.  This reduces the disruption and damage to the areas around the repair, drastically reducing the time needed to remedy the problem from days or weeks, to in some case just hours.  This not only saves time but is extremely cost effective. If you need lateral lining pipe repair call or contact the experts at Shenandoah.

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Since 1976 Shenandoah has been the leader in pipeline inspection, restoration, and maintenance. Regardless of what the job calls for in trenchless pipeline repair, we have the solution.

lateral lining pipe repair

The Most Common Sewer Lateral Line Problems

While there are many common sewer lateral problems, the most typical sewer lateral problems that lead to pipeline failure are:


Shifting soil that can cause pipe sagging and breaks in the pipe


The intrusion of tree roots into the lateral


Faulty Joints and Fractured Pipe. This can be corrosion to metal pipes, scaling, and calcification of pipe. For areas with heavy annual rainfall and high-water tables, this serves to exacerbate the problem as it increases hydrostatic pressure on the lateral


Excavation of any kind can lead to damage to sewer laterals

Proven Methods of Lateral Lining Repair



CIPP – Cured in Place Pipe Spot Pipeline Repair

CIPP is another trenchless technology that allows the repair and restoration of a pipe that has damaged sections but is otherwise serviceable. This process is used for all types of pipeline but is also ideal for lining laterals that have become compromised due to root intrusion, sagging joints, or other damage. Following a thorough CCTV Robotic inspection, and CIPP is determined to be the best solution, the lateral is cleared and cleaned. Then a polystyrene liner saturated with resin is inserted into the lateral via a clean-out or other entry point. The liner can be moved upstream or downstream using a patented guide shoe from LMK Technologies. LMK is an industry leader in CIPP technologies since 1993. When the liner is in place a bladder is inverted into the lateral to maintain pressure so that the liner is pressed against the interior of the lateral. Once heat is introduced, the liner will cure or harden and adhere to the inside of the lateral. Once in place the bladder is removed. Gasket sealing O-rings are placed at both the upstream and downstream ends of the liner making it virtually leak proof. This CIPP technique can be used on laterals from four to eight inches in diameter in continuous links up to 130 feet. In addition to the benefits of this trenchless, non-invasive method, it also offers tremendous savings over excavation. When the job calls for a sectional spot repair, an inverted cured-in-place liner is employed. This one-step, air inversion spot repair can be used when renewing mainlines from six to 42 inches in diameter and from three to 100 feet lengths of pipe.


Pipe Bursting

When CCTV Robotic inspection reveals that the lateral pipe is so extensively damaged that CIPP or other methods like slip lining cannot be employed, pipe bursting is the solution.  A cable is run through 2 access points of the lateral.  A bursting head is then pulled through the damaged pipe.  Attached to the bursting head is new pipe, typically HDPE or high-density polyethylene. Once pulled through the old pipe which has been destroyed, the new pipe is in place.  HDPE pipe is rated for up to 50 years of life giving you a long-lasting solution to your lateral problem

Shenandoah Has the Right Solution for Whatever Your Pipeline Restoration & Repair Requires

Since 1976 Shenandoah has been the leader in pipeline inspection, restoration, and maintenance. Regardless of what the job calls for in trenchless pipeline repair, we have the solution. We only utilize the industries best equipment and materials to ensure that your project is successfully completed. Our Pipeline Rehabilitation Services include:

  • CIPP – Cured in Place Spot Pipeline Repair
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Slip Lining & Pipe Restoration
  • Chemical Grouting & Pipe Sealing
  • Pipe Sag Removal
  • Pipe Abandonment
  • Pneumatic Pipeline Plugs
  • Pipeline Sectional Liners
  • Mechanical Sleeves
  • Manhole Rehabilitation

Call or contact Shenandoah today and let us assist you in resolving your pipeline issues.

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