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Tide Control Stormwater Management

The experts at Shenandoah understand the growing concern that coastal communities have regarding tide control and stormwater management. Since 1976, Shenandoah has been a leader in helping coastal communities keep their rising tides in check. The stormwater drainage systems of coastal cities were in most cases built many decades ago. At the time of their installation most of these systems were built just a matter of inches or several feet above the sea level at the time. As sea levels have risen, seawater to enter the stormwater system. As seawater enters the stormwater system, the pressure it generates can push groundwater up and out of the system causing flooding of streets and communities.

We have been providing tide control and stormwater management to coastal communities since 1976.

Tide Control Management

The Solution

To provide a solution, Shenandoah utilizes an ingenious check valve produced by WaStop. These valves come in various sizes depending on the diameter of the stormwater pipe where it empties into the seawall or bulkhead area. The WaStop valves can be easily installed in pipes of all types and sizes. The patented membrane technology allows the valve to flush out sediments and debris and the system exhibits the lowest headloss on the market along with 100% backflow prevention. Because the system works on differential pressure, the tide-controlled system functions autonomously without human interaction, electricity, or extensive maintenance. The result is that water from extensive rains can exit the stormwater system without the concern of seawater entering the system through backflow and forcing groundwater flooding.

Why Choose Shenandoah

With decades experience in inspecting, repairing, and maintaining complicated infrastructures, Shenandoah has the knowledge to resolve your issues. From sanitary sewer and stormwater systems, soil stabilization projects, infrastructure leveling and stabilization and so much more, Shenandoah has the experience to resolve your problem. Call or contact us today!

Stormwater and Sewer Cleaning and Inspection


Our Inspection, Restoration, and Maintenance (IRM) Program has helped maximize the performance of our customers sanitary and stormwater systems for over 45 years.