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Pipe Abandonment

Since 1976, Shenandoah has excelled in the field of trenchless technology. We use multiple solutions to ensure your system is no longer a safety risk and it can no longer cause long-term environmental harm. The removal or destruction of abandoned pipeline or other underground structures is not only expensive, but it’s time consuming and disruptive to activities in the surrounding area. Pressure Grouting is the safe, cost effective solution to these abandonment problems.

Our pipe abandonment service helps customers abandon pipes and manholes using environmentally safe processes.

Pipeline Grouting Services for Utility Pipe, & Void Filling

The danger in allowing abandoned pipes and other underground structures to just remain in place is that eventually they may collapse. Collapsed pipeline will create a void in the ground that eventually will cause the ground to settle. When roads, bridges or other structure with foundations have been constructed over these voids the outcome can be disastrous. Shenandoah solves these problems with specialized equipment that allows pressurized polymer grouts to be inserted into the abandoned pipe and the soil around it. We use different types of grout and different sized pipes to insert the grout into the void, depending on the situation. This chemical grout then hardens and restores the soil’s integrity.

Pipe Abandonment

Pipe Abandonment Can Cause Major Structural & Environmental Problems

The experts at Shenandoah understand the importance of safely decommissioning subterranean infrastructures to avoid future catastrophes such as:


Foundation sinking or cracking when structures have been built over abandoned pipeline that has not been grouted and filled properly


Avoiding the leeching of contaminated water from abandoned pipes into water systems


The build up of potentially explosive gases in the pipe


Damage to bridges, levees or roadways where sinking or even collapse could occur

Pipe Abandoment

Choose Shenandoah When Experience Counts

Whether you’re a commercial or industrial entity, municipality, or utility, Shenandoah has the expertise to solve any abandonment situation safely and affordably. Call or contact Shenandoah today and let us solve your pipeline abandonment and foundational problems.






Stormwater and Sewer Cleaning and Inspection


Our Inspection, Restoration, and Maintenance (IRM) Program has helped maximize the performance of our customers sanitary and stormwater systems for over 45 years.