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Foundation & Slab Lifting

Quality, Cost Effective Foundation and Slab Lifting Services in Florida

If you are looking for the best-in-class foundation and slab lifting contractor in Florida, look no further than Shenandoah. As a geotechnical construction company, we specialize in foundation and slab lifting. With over four decades of hands on experience, the professionals at Shenandoah have the experience, training, and real world skills necessary to complete your project correctly, on time and on budget. Whether your project is a large industrial restoration or a small residential job, you can count on our team’s expertise with no-dig foundation, slab lifting and leveling, and soil stabilization. Shenandoah can restore your foundation to its original state or better cost effectively and in a way which is environmentally friendly, with no excavation and mess. Established in 1976, we are one of the oldest and most experienced contractors in the state of Florida. If you need foundation and slab lifting services, contact us today.

Shenandoah provides fast, non-intrusive polymer foundation repair, concrete slab lifting, soil & cavity void injection and void fill solutions for commercial, Industrial, and residential properties

Foundation & Slab Lifting

Each Foundation and Slab Lifting Project is Different

Even though each foundation and slab lifting project is different, the outcome with Shenandoah at the helm is always the same. Shenandoah restores structures and properties to a safe, stable, and level condition through soil stabilization. This proven process saves you time and money.

Foundation & Slab Lifting
Foundation & Slab Lifting

What Causes Foundations to Fail?

Both natural and man-made causes can lead to weak soils beneath structures. The original soil material/composition may not have been packed properly before construction, or nearby drilling or excavation may result in compromised soil quality. Regardless of the cause, weak soils and subsoils can result in foundations failing. Voids can form for various reasons including the extraction of groundwater or the dissolving of limestone. Symptoms of weak soils under commercial, industrial, or residential properties include foundation settlement, cracks in slabs and foundations, heaves and dips in slabs, parking lots and driveways. There can also be evidence of soil subsidence in adjoining and nearby properties.

Soil Subsidence is a Common Problem in Florida

The stability of any Structure or Concrete Slab is based mostly on the soil properties it is built upon. Florida’s sandy, limestone soils and geological conditions can cause voids in soil underneath foundations, concrete slabs, roadways, and structures. Under overbearing weight, the supporting soils will become inadequate to support the structures built upon them. When settlement occurs, it can destroy the value of the property and even render it unsafe.  Click Here to Learn More

What are the Benefits of the Shenandoah Foundation & Slab Lifting, and Leveling Process?


Weight Bearing Capacity Restored or Increased


Material Reaches 90% of Strength in 15 Minutes, Assets can be Used Immediately


Precision Pavement Leveling Often up to 1/8” Tolerance with Rapid Polymer Expansion


Use of Small 5/8” Injection Holes, No Deconstruction Reconstruction


Low Pressure Injection of Polymer down to Base and Subbase Soils


One-Time Cost-Effective Method for Long Lasting Restoration


Eco Friendly

The benefits of the Shenandoah process far outweigh the traditional mudjacking process. Although mudjacking is still used today for traditional foundation & slab lifting/leveling, the materials that are used with mudjacking often require a lengthy installation process and do not stabilize the underlying soil & subsoils as well as our polymer injection process. As a result, mudjacking restorations often have a much shorter life expectancy, which produce much higher costs down the road to resolve recurring problems. Other disadvantages to Mudjacking include the weight of the slurry grout, which can break up with vibration. Slurry grout pumped over distressed bases makes for a short life expectancy. Larger diameter drilling holes are needed, which can further compromise the current structure and mudjacking slurry grout can take up to 7 days to cure.

Foundation & Slab Lifting & Soil Stabilization Methods



Industrial Applications:

Manufacturing Plants, Agricultural Facilities, Airports, Sea Ports, Heavy Industry, Industrial Parks, Warehouses, Refineries, Pipelines, Public Works, Prison Facilities, etc.


Commercial Applications:

Office Buildings, Retail Centers, Warehouses, Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Universities, Schools, Multi-Family Properties, Club Houses, Government Buildings, Corporations, Medium & Small Business, etc.


Residential Applications:

Homes, Garage Floors, Swimming Pools, Patios/Lamia’s, Driveways, Roadways, Club Houses, etc.

Contact Shenandoah Your Statewide Experts in Have the Best Foundation & Slab Lifting Contractor on your Side

Shenandoah is a geotechnical contractor that utilizes advanced technologies, industry superior products and has been helping thousands of customers with foundation & slab lifting for decades. Shenandoah’s ongoing success and customer satisfaction is unparalleled in the industry. We owe this success to our family of highly trained and dedicated technicians. Contact Shenandoah for a professional consultation.






Stormwater and Sewer Cleaning and Inspection


Our Inspection, Restoration, and Maintenance (IRM) Program has helped maximize the performance of our customers sanitary and stormwater systems for over 45 years.