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Sinkhole Remediation & Repair Hialeah

Discover peace of mind with Shenandoah’s sinkhole remediation and repair services in Hialeah and surrounding areas. Don’t let the thought of a sinkhole on your property cause fear and stress. Our expert team is here to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions, ensuring your sinkhole is repaired before it becomes a costly ordeal. If you’re located in Hialeah and start to notice signs of a sinkhole on your property, reach out to us for shallow sinkhole remediation and repair. With over four decades of experience, Shenandoah is the trusted geotechnical contractor in the area. Florida’s unique geology, built on limestone and dolomite, makes it prone to sinkholes and related damage. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or community sinkholes, our team can handle it all. From depressions and small holes to structural foundations like homes, businesses, seawalls, and roadways, we’ve got you covered. Shallow sinkholes are primarily caused by eroding subsoils, water migration, broken underground pipes, utilities, flooding, excavation, and trenching. Don’t let sinkholes cause immense structural damage – contact Shenandoah for prompt and reliable solutions.

Common Signs of Sinkholes

  • Round circular depression in the earth
  • Settling foundation
  • Cracks in roads or pavement
  • A sudden drop in well water levels
  • Rainwater disappearing into ground openings
  • Localized depression on the property
sinkhole remediation and repair hialeah

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it is important to contact Shenandoah, your local sinkhole remediation and repair contractors as soon as possible. We have helped thousands of customers save tens of thousands of dollars with our deep injection polymer grouting sinkhole remediation and repair. Don’t let a small issue grow into a large costly repair, contact us today.

We are Florida’s experts in deep injection polymer grouting sinkhole repair. Our cost effective, eco-friendly, deep polymer injection process gives long-term stability to areas effected by shallow sinkholes.

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Shenandoah's work withstood Hurricane Ian

In October of 2021, Shenandoah Construction was contracted by Lee County Department of Transportation to remediate seawall issues on the Sanibel Island Bridge Span A.

Sept. 28, 2022 Ian made landfall in southwest Florida as a Category 4 Hurricane with max winds of 150 mph.

Seawall still standing.  The material did its job.

Cost Effective Method of Shallow Sinkhole Repair

Shenandoah is a licensed affiliate of Uretek. Uretek’s (UDI) 2 stage deep injection polymer process has led the industry since the 1980’s. Our cost effective, eco-friendly, deep polymer injection process gives long-term stability to areas effected by shallow sinkholes. This combination of chemical, compaction, and permeation grouting will stabilize the soil at the throat of the sinkhole. The polymers expand and compress loose soils, fill subsurface voids, fissures, cap any underground soil pipes, and tightly bond with surrounding soils. The industrial polymers reach 90% of their strength in 15 minutes, and 100% of strength in 24 hours, creating an impenetrable watertight barrier, restoring the integrity of subsoil. Our innovative polyurethane chemical grouting process is the safest, most cost effective, and most precise method of remediating and repairing shallow sinkhole voids within 15 feet of the surface.

Applications for Deep Injection Polymer Sinkhole Repair


Commercial Properties


Industrial Properties


Residential Properties


Government Properties






Public Works














Construction Sites


And More

Contact Shenandoah the Experts in Shallow Sinkhole Remediation and Repair

Because severe structural damage can result from shallow sinkholes, immediate repair is critical. When it comes to sinkhole repair, and preserving your real estate assets, don’t settle for anything than the best. With decades of hands-on experience, the professionals at Shenandoah have the geotechnical experience, and skills, to inspect and complete your project correctly, on time and budget. Our outstanding customer service will exceed your expectations. Contact us today for additional information.

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Our Inspection, Restoration, and Maintenance, (IRM) Program has helped maximize the performance of our customers sanitary and stormwater systems for over 45 years.