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Pipe Bursting Stormwater & Sewer Systems

Shenandoah’s technicians are the experts to call when damage to your stormwater, sanitary sewer system or pipelines calls for the use of pipe bursting technology. Pipe bursting is just one of many trenchless services that Shenandoah provides. Since 1976, we have serviced sewer and pipe systems throughout the State of Florida and beyond.

Restore Maximum Performance to Compromised Pipes

What is Pipe Bursting?

When pipeline has been damaged to such a degree that other methods such as chemical grouting, CIPP, or slip lining cannot repair the damage, pipe bursting is a viable method of repair. Some reasons pipe bursting might be employed include collapsed, or erosion of sections of pipe to such a degree that other methods will not solve the problem. In order to determine if pipe bursting or some other method is best suited for the job, a thorough inspection of the pipe is done through robotic video camera technology. The pipe will also be thoroughly cleaned prior to the service.

Pipe Bursting Services

How it Works

A powerful pipe bursting head is inserted into the damaged pipe and as it is forced through the pipe it breaks up the pipe and displaces it. The size of the bursting head is determined by the diameter of the pipe to be replaced. Simultaneously a new pipe, typically high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is pulled through the area once held by the old pipe. In this way a brand-new pipe replaces the old, damaged pipe. Shenandoah’s pipe bursting services are appropriate for virtually any environment, including:

  • Transportation
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Municipalities
  • Water & Gas Utilities
  • And Much More

Pipe Bursting from Shenandoah Offers these Advantages

As with many other trenchless procedures, pipe bursting is far more cost effective than traditional methods. Because we replace the damaged pipe with HDPE pipe, it is also very environmentally friendly. It is ideal for potable water systems. In addition, because the replacement pipe is installed as the host pipe is destroyed, it reduces installation time. It’s also possible to replace the damaged pipe with a pipe of larger diameter. Call or contact Shenandoah today and let us explain how pipe bursting may be the solution to your problem.

Stormwater and Sewer Cleaning and Inspection


Our Inspection, Restoration, and Maintenance, (IRM) Program has helped maximize the performance of our customers sanitary and stormwater systems for over 45 years.