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Lateral Sewer Line Repair

For lateral sewer line repair look to the professionals at Shenandoah.  We understand the importance of maintaining sewer laterals. Sewer laterals are responsible for carrying the wastewater from homes or  businesses to the main sanitary sewer line. From there, the wastewater makes its way to the treatment plant. There are two types of sewer laterals, the upper lateral and the lower level.

Upper sewer laterals – The upper lateral is located closer to the home or business
Lower sewer laterals – That portion of the pipe that is closer to the street and the public sewer system is considered the lower sewer lateral

Depending on the age of a home or business, sewer laterals could be very old. Some older laterals could even consist of clay pipe. When sewer laterals get compromised this can allow groundwater to enter the lateral. This type of infiltration of excess water following major weather events can then overwhelm the sanitary sewer system causing flooding of streets, yards, and allow untreated sewage to enter rivers, lakes and streams. The opposite can also occur. When exfiltration occurs, wastewater can flow out of the lateral pipe contaminating the ground around it. All of these environmental concerns are why it’s so important to maintain good lateral sewer line maintenance. If you have the need for lateral sewer line repair, call or contact Shenandoah today!

Maintaining lateral sewer lines is the most cost-effective way to identify small problems before they become major ones

Lateral Sewer Line Repair

The Most Common Sewer Line Lateral Repair Problems

Typical sewer lateral problems that lead to pipeline failure are:


Shifting soil that can cause pipe sagging and breaks in the pipe


The intrusion of tree roots


Pipe degradation. This can be corrosion of metal pipes, scaling or calcification of pipes


Joint separation or cracking allowing water infiltration and sediment buildup

It’s just a fact that as sewer laterals age, they become increasingly vulnerable. In time, all sewer laterals will require maintenance, repair or replacement. This is why it’s becoming more popular to install sewer laterals made of or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is inexpensive and has a very long lifespan, up to 100 years or more when properly maintained.

How Shenandoah Maintains and Repairs Lateral Sewer Lines

Shenandoah utilizes a variety of proven methods to maintain and repair lateral sewer lines. Each of these methods has its place in lateral sewer line repair depending on the situation. Some of the techniques we use are:


Pipe Bursting

When the lateral is too damaged to repair with other methods, it may be necessary to “burst” the pipe. In this way, a new pipe, (usually HDPE) is pulled through the damaged pipe.


CIPP – Cured in Place Spot Pipeline Repair

Using this technique the technicians at Shenandoah repair the damaged pipe by inverting a polystyrene liner though the pipe to cover the damaged pipe. Once in place, heat is used to activate the polymer which cures it in place, effectively restoring the pipe’s integrity.


CCTV robotic cameras

Maintaining lateral sewer lines is the most cost-effective way to identify small problems before they become major ones.

For the health of your lateral sewer line systems, call or contact Shenandoah and let us show you how our proven IRM program of Inspection, Restoration, and Maintenance can keep your infrastructure sound and working properly.





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